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The Joneses and the Pirateers

Book 1: Search for the Phantom Lady

Nine-year-old James and his sisters come from a family with a proud history of never having done anything exciting or adventurous, much to James’s annoyance. He longs for adventure but gets more than he bargained for when a ruthless pirate captures his father.

James, Elizabeth, and Emily find themselves stranded on the enchanted island of Tortuga—where the children of pirates live while their parents are off roaming the high seas. 

The siblings must band together with a motley crew of orphan pirates-in-training to plan a dangerous rescue mission that takes them from shark-infested waters to explosive battles on the high seas to the brink of Davy Jones’s Locker . . . not to mention a sneaky search for the most legendary pirate treasure of all time.

The Joneses and the Pirateers

Book 2: Escape from San Lazaro

The pirateers’ school holidays have arrived, and James can’t wait to put his newfound skills to the test.
After the annual raid on the Cartagena Naval School for Laddies doesn’t go as planned, James, Elizabeth, and Emily find themselves carrying out their most dangerous Nay on Impossible mission yet: escaping from the dungeons of San Lázaro. Not to mention searching for their father, hiding from the furious Captain Silverbeard, plotting their revenge on the privies, and hunting for the next clue to the legendary Lost Treasure of Santa Maria—all before the Parade of the Pirates ends in three days’ time.


Join the Joneses and the pirateers on their second hair-raising, humorous adventure as they are chased over rooftops, through tunnels, and across the sea itself by the one who wants to find James more than anything.

Every Doubloon Counts

“By order of Sophia and Emily, all profits from sales of Search for the Phantom Lady will go to charities for real lost children.”

Dear readers,

While it is true that you don’t make a fortune from selling one book, it is also true that every doubloon counts! The Joneses and the Pirateers is all about lost children, and each of the Swashbuckling Nay On Impossible Adventurers has a secret, nay-on-impossible mission they just gotta do. Our not-so-secret mission for The Joneses and the Pirateers is to make it count. This means that all royalties from book sales of Search for the Phantom Lady will go to charities for lost children.

We are thrilled to start by supporting Project Futures, an organisation which focuses on giving hope by transforming lives of children (and women) affected by human trafficking and slavery. By purchasing this book, you can help give hope to lost children, too.

You can find out more about the work Project Futures does here: https://projectfutures.com/

Supporting the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

“By Order of Sophia and Emily, all royalties from Book Two will go to charities for fishes.”

Dear readers,

One year, a new job and many other adventures later, Book Two has finally hit the shelves! All author royalties from Escape from San Lazaro will go to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation – which is tackling threats and challenges to Australia’s Barrier Reef – and has a special place in the hearts of all little Aussie-pirateers.

 “It is one of the greatest, and most splendid natural treasures that the world possesses.”
Sir David Attenborough

You can read about the work that the Barrier Reef Foundation is doing here: https://www.barrierreef.org/. Pirateers helping to save the reef!

Suz x

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About the Author

Suzanne Westgate is a mother and lawyer who never let go of her inner pirate. She grew up in a small harbourside town, often kayaking to shelly islands after school. In her early twenties, Suzanne backpacked through South America and Asia, and her adventures—sailing, caving, mountaineering, surfing, diving in the Caribbean with a crew of prisoners on parole, abseiling, skiing down a live volcano (mostly on her bottom), blowing things up with dynamite, and very nearly getting kidnapped—helped inspire the Joneses and the Pirateers.
Suzanne and her family live in Sydney, where they enjoy their own adventures, treasure hunts, dance-offs, booby traps, and pirate-themed birthday parties.

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